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Tips and tricks for caring for handmade items. Some advice and findings on home decorating, as well as home renovating.

How to wash handmade gypsy pants and wrap skirts

Our gypsy pants and wrap skirts are handmade items, which require a bit of extra love and care when washing. We strongly recommend hand washing only, this will prolong the lifetime and colour intensity of each garment and keep delicate stitching in place for a longer period. Herewith our tips to wash handmade gypsy pants […]

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Bohemian Fashion Accessories

Bohemian Clothing Styles

Today, bohemian clothing or fashion styles have become much more of a mindset than a passing trend. Disregard the images of tie dye t-shirts and scruffy hippies in kaftans with floral crowns, dressing in a bohemian style has become a way of expressing yourself, and adorning yourself with bright colours and interesting textures to make […]